Au ras du sol / On the ground 2

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Calcutta Fev. 2009




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geomichel 08/12/2012 08:40

il passe sa journée a faire briller les souliers de la classe moyenne alors que lui se balade pied nu en toute circonstance. très belle image

Luis 08/12/2012 03:38

I see your photos and wonder what it's like to shoot in India. I get the impression that folks there are more easy going than what I encounter here.

Annierita. 08/12/2012 03:59

Oh, yes ! And even they like it, and ask to be photographied. It's a real pleasure ! I get problem when I am in france and I forget, people in france are even botherd if you take their house when
passing by ! thanks for your visit and comment Luis !