La vie des gardes privés / Life of the private guards

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Delhi déc. 2012




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Marie 26/12/2012 23:30

jolie scène, le noir et blanc lui va bien.

Luis 25/12/2012 01:26

Well seen. There must be cool weather to dress in black and read in the Sun. I've been hearing things got pretty heated with protests over the raped girl. How's that coming?

Annierita. 25/12/2012 04:00

Thabks Luis for coming. Yes the weather is cool in Delhi now, it's winter. Yes it had been big demonstrations all over the country, people begin to be very angry because the justice, police are
not really bothered with all those rapes, and the last one of this 23 years'student had been very hawful.

Ginnie 24/12/2012 12:37

I don't suppose it's the life of Riley?!

geomichel 23/12/2012 20:14

il est important de savoir de quel coté on se trouve de la barrière et de la grille.

Le prisonnier n'est pas toujours celui qu'on croit

yz 23/12/2012 12:06

excellent candid, well composed